How to Adsense:two steps

So how to use google Adsense on your blog?

Here are 2 steps:

1)Create your Adsense account

Once your blog has content posted, you can sign up for Adsense on to their website: ,and get an account.Google will check your blog and typically approve you for Google Adsense within a few days. If you  have a website instead of a blog, you can submit it to Google Adsense immediately. You will use the same Google Adsense account on all your sites or blogs if you wish to monetize them all.

Note:No matter how compelled you are to see if it works, you should never click on your own ads on your own site. Leave that to your visitors.

2).Adding Google Adsense to your Blog
Google make it simple to add the Adsense code to your blog even you are not using you are using LiveJournal is ok too. Just sign in to your LiveJournal account, access the Template page:
At the top of the page, There will be a link that says “Adsense”. Follow the instructions, Google Adsense coden will automatically insert into your blog.Now, you have successfully created your own work from home blog,
You should try to create new posts daily. Content is King on the internet.


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