3 kinds of list post you can choose

There are a variety of ways of incorporating lists into your blog. Depending
upon the topic and style of blog you’re building, some of these options might
be appropriate for you:
1. The post as a list—in this case there’s nothing in the post except for
the list. The title of your post introduces the topic and then the list
speaks for itself. The list can be quite bare bones—short and to the
point. However, readers often like them because of their bluntness and
the way they tell it like it is. Example: 21 Ways to Write Posts that are
Guarantees to Grow Your Blog.
2. Extended lists—this is how I generally approach list posts. I’ll show
you a couple of examples below but in a sense this type of post is
similar to an essay or article, except the main points are broken down
into a numbered list format. Generally, there’s a heading for each
section (highlighted in bold or with heading tags) with a paragraph or
two under each one. Example: 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits.
3. Lists within posts—the post you’re reading right now probably best
illustrates this type. In this post there are two lists that present ideas in
the midst of other content. In a sense the list becomes a way of
breaking up your text. I find that often these posts do quite well, as
other bloggers looking for a quote to share with their readers will go to
your list.
Some bloggers do, at times, become a little anti list, suggesting it’s an
overused technique and a lazy way to write—but this need not always be the case. There’s nothing to stop a blogger developing an in-depth list post for almost any blog.
List posts will not suit everyone’s style and probably are harder to use with
some blog topics than others, but they are a useful style of post to have in
your tool belt for when the opportunity arises.


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