31 Blogging Ideas

To help you jump start the process, here are 31 things you can blog about. Some of them can even be expanded upon, giving you more content. I suggest you print it so you can quickly whip it out to refer to whenever you run out of things to blog about.
1. Mini case study. Have you bailed a customer out of a jam? Received raving feedback from customers? Spotlight them, share the story behind the problem and how you solved it.
2. Did you have an idea strike you out of the blue you think will help customers or readers?
3. Comment on an article you read online, in a magazine.
4. The News. Relevant reports happening around the world.
5. Don’t forget local news. If you can somehow tie it into your niche, blog about it.E.g. If you’re promoting an eBay coaching program. You find out a retired lady locally who’s living her dream retirement because of eBay. Report it, add a few comments and thoughts of your own and how you can help your blog readers achieve that very same dream.
6. A tip, idea, strategy you observed. E.g. Your friend showed you a new craft she made would be a great post for a crafting blog. Take pictures (with permission) if you can.
7. Got a new product? Tell people about it, but don’t hype it or make an ad out of it.Something like “After months of preparation I’m rolling out XYZ product today. This product can do this and that, I’m running a promo for the first week, come check it out.”
8. Tell a story about your product. Why did you create it, what inspired you to create it. If you have a few, how about a series of stories? If you’re not sure how to structure your stories, think about infomercials. No you don’t have to be high pressured like the infomercials but if you observe, some of them spend considerable time telling the stor behind the product.
9. Demonstrate, illustrate or explain how you use a product you’re promoting.
10. What are other people talking about in your niche? What’s the buzz?
11. Tell people about a new product you were introduced to or discovered. Don’t forget to plug your affiliate link if available.
12. Review a product. How did you discover it? What did you like or don’t like about it?
13. Do a book review.
14. Share what your customer did or achieved with your product. E.g. If you have a weight loss product, tell people how much XYZ lost using your product.
15. Tips and tricks that have been really helpful to you.
16. Did you hear of a product recall or down time? Share it. E.g. If you have a baby blog and you find out a child seat recall.
17. How to’s and mini tutorials for your products and the products you promote.
18. A series of tips, tutorials and articles. A great example is the ABC’s of XYZ, My 30 day exercise challenge.
19. Did you find a resource, tool, software that was helpful to you? Share it.
20. Answers to the questions people ask you.
21. Put a little humor in your blog. Seen a funny and relevant picture or comic? Post about it, better yet, get permission to publish it.
22. Get contributions. Ask customers and readers to submit their stories or relevant news piece, a review from them would be nice too.
23. Got sales, deals and promotions? Tell people about it.
24. Share a new article you just wrote.
25. Brag about your affiliates. Success stories, how they discovered you and became your affiliate then invite people to join.
26. Issue a challenge to readers and tell them to ‘check in’ with you in the blog comments.
27. Ask people for advise and help. E.g. Help name your product, find a web host, find a solution.
28. Depending on your comfort level, give people a little window into your life. Did an illness or issue in your family force you to reconsider the important things in life? A joyous occasion make you realize how happy you are with your life? Do practice discretion with this, be careful not to give out too much personal information.
29. Did a company you buy from make a gesture that impressed you? Blog about it (don’t forget your affiliate link).
30. Bring back the dead. Revive old posts with an update. Maybe you did a glowing product review but the company frustrated you a lot recently. Put an update to it.
31. Look through your comments. Sometimes comments branch off into a topic of their own that’s worthy to be made a separate post.


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