what you can learn from top blogs

If you’re unable to find one that’s exactly the same topic with your blog,open this link , I took a few time to find it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_blogs

This is the list of some notable blogs,they are quiet successful.

don’t stress too much; choosing a blog on a related topic will work too.
Take 30 minutes to do some analysis of the blog in some of the
following areas:
” What topics are they covering?
” What topics are they ignoring?

” What voice/style do they post in?
” How often are they posting?
” What level are they pitching their posts at (for example, beginners,
advanced etc.)?
Reader Engagement
” What topics generate the most conversation?
” What styles of post seem to connect with readers best?
” What questions are readers asking in the Comments?
” What complaints do you see readers making in the Comments?
” What tools/mediums is the site using (for example, are they using
Twitter, forums etc.)?
” What’s your first impression from their design?
” What have they done well? What have they done poorly?
” What options do they give readers to subscribe?
This will give you hints as to how you might make money from your blog:
” What advertisers are targeting this blog?
” What type of affiliate programs are they promoting?
You might like to head to a site like Alexa or Compete to do some analysis of the blog’s traffic levels. Is it growing, shrinking, or reached a plateau? Alexa also provides stats on page views, time spent on the site, sites that link in,bounce rate, where the audience is from (geographically), where people go on the site etc, but I’ve found these to be not always accurate.

If you have some competence in SEO you might like to check out how the
blog’s doing in some of these areas:
” Who is linking to this blog? (You can use the link: http://www.blogurl.com
command in Google to find out.)
” What does their source code reveal about how they’ve set up their site?
” If they have an open or unlocked stats package, what can you learn
from their stats? What pages are popular? Where does their incoming
traffic come from?
Really, the number of questions you could be asking is limitless but what
you’re attempting to do with this exercise is this: identify what is working
well on the other blog, then establish what opportunities there might be to
position your blog in the “gaps” that the blog is leaving.
When you do this type of analysis with a number of blogs in your niche you
should begin to see some patterns emerging: aspects that consistently work on blogs in your niche and things that perhaps you could do that nobody else is doing.


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