6 good ways to get post idea

The best bloggers read a lot. To keep a fresh list of blog post ideas coming, you should have a go-to list of blogs and sources you check periodically for new ideas to resolve an occasional bout of “blogger’s block.”
Following are several ideas to get your source list started:

  • Blog searches: Use Google Blog Search or IceRocket.com  to find other blogs related to your own blog topic. Visit these blogs to see what bloggers are writing about. However, never copy and republish another person’s content. Always write your own blog post, adding your own thoughts on a topic, and attribute the original story source with a link. (Learn more about attributing sources in Chapter 4.)
  • Blog feeds: Subscribe to the feeds of blogs you like and blogs related to your own blog topic. Check your feed reader to get post ideas.
  • News sites: Keep on top of daily news by visiting popular news sites to see what journalists are talking about.
  • Twitter streams: Follow people on Twitter who tweet about topics related to your blog,and check your Twitter stream to learn what people find interesting enough to tweet about each day.
  • Social bookmarking sites: Check out the latest content shared on sites like Digg (digg.com), StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com), and Yahoo! Buzz (buzz.yahoo.com) to see what people are sharing related to your blog topic.For example, if you blog about baseball, you can select the Baseball category on Digg to view popular shared content, as shown in Figure 3-1. Just follow the links to view the content listed to help you get ideas for blog posts of your own.
  • Social networking sites: Poke around on Facebook (www.facebook.       com)  and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) to see what your friends and connections are posting about.Chapter.

Never stop looking for new sources, and always take the time to reach out to the people behind your favorite online sources in an effort to develop relationships with them. Leave comments on their blog posts, retweet their Twitter updates, send them an e-mail to introduce yourself, and so on. These are the types of relationships that
can help you over your lifetime as a blogger.


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