$ 4 most common forms of blog monetization $


Following are some of the most common forms of blog monetization.

  • Advertising: Image ads, text link ads, video ads, and flash-animated ads are just a few options.

If you use WordPress.com as your blogging application and host, know that the WordPress terms of use state that you cannot place ads of any kind on your blog. Be sure to read the most recent terms of use to ensure you’re not breaking them with blog monetization efforts.

  • Reviews and paid posts: You can write reviews about products, services, websites, and more on your blog in exchange for a product sample or money.
  • Selling merchandise: Websites like Cafepress.com, Prinfection.com, and Zazzle.com make it easy for you to create your own online storefront and link it to your blog soyou can sell merchandise from that company (or your own designs).
  • Accepting donations: Accept monetary donations on your blog by placing a donation button or message in your blog’s sidebar.tips——PayPal offers donation buttons you can link to your PayPal account, so visitorscan donate via PayPal with the click of a button. Simply follow the directions at http://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/donate-intro-outside,and paste the provided code into a text widget in your blog’s sidebar to add a donation button to your blog.



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