4 place to insert your ads

  • Inserting Ads in Your Blog’s Sidebar

Inserting ad code into a text widget in your blog’s sidebar, is a very easy way to publish ads on your blog.

  • Inserting Ads Between Blog Posts

Some bloggers like to put ads in between blog posts. This isn’t hard to do if you’re comfortable pasting code into your theme’s CSS files. One of the easiest ways to do it is simply inserting an ad immediately after a blog post.

  • Insert Ads in Your Blog’s Header or Footer

The process of inserting ads into your blog’s header depends on the theme you’re using and how your header is laid out. Inserting ads in your blog’s footer is easier,particularly if your footer is widgetized. Alternately, you can use the WP Footer Ad
plug-in (wordpress.org)

  • Inserting Ads in Blog Posts

You can insert ads into your blog posts by editing your post.php file in your WordPress CSS editor so ads always appear in the same location in all your blog posts. The spot where you insert your ad code varies depending on where you want ads to appear. For example, you can insert ads at the beginning of your posts, right aligned, left aligned, at the end of your posts, and so on. It’s up to you. Just remember that you don’t want ads to detract from the content in your posts and interrupt or damage the user experience on your blog.


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