A great way to increase potential traffic

Trackbacks, introduced in Chapter 4, are virtual shoulder taps to other bloggers letting them know you linked to their content on your blog. When another blog accepts your trackback, a link to your post is published in the comments section of the other blogger’s post. Furthermore, when other bloggers link to your content and send a
trackback to you, links to their posts are included in the comments section of your posts, if your blog is configured to accept trackbacks

Trackbacks are a great way to increase potential traffic to your blog and get on the radar screens of other bloggers who accept trackbacks. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to send trackbacks to other bloggers when you link to their content by copying and pasting the URL for the page you linked to in your post in the Send Trackbacks box before you publish your blog post. If the other blogger accepts trackbacks, a link to your post will automatically be published in the comments section on that blogger’s post, giving your post additional exposure to a new audience.


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