How to use images in your blog

Images Taking a few minutes to find and add images to your blog posts is definitely worth it if you want to build a successful blog.

  • Images serve a few purposes in your blog posts:Images add visual appeal and break up text-heavy pages.
  • Images allow you to add supporting information such as charts, graphs,photos, and so on, which can clarify the points you make in your blog posts.
  • Images can boost search engine traffic if you name the images you include in your blog posts with keywords and use those keywords in the HTML Alt-tag( The Alt-tag is a piece of HTML code used to identify the text that displays onscreen when a web browser cannot load the image that’s supposed to display on a page. It is short for Alternate Tag.)when you upload them to your blog.

Before you publish images in a blog post, always resize, crop, and save them to a web-friendly resolution (72 dpi is usually adequate) and file format (.png, .jpg, and .gif are the most commonly used) to create the smallest file sizes possible. Larger images take up more storage space in your hosting account and take longer to load on-screen.  Furthermore, visitors don’t like to wait for large images to load on their screens. You can learn about several image editing tools.


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