The easiest way to use Real Fonts on your website

The WordPress theme you choose to use for your blog comes with specific fonts by default. What if you want to change those fonts or add new ones? You’re limited in the amount of changes you can make to your blog’s design unless you pay for a CSS upgrade, but you can add some fonts through the Typekit Fonts link in the Appearance section of your WordPress dashboard left menu,  Click the Sign up in seconds button to create your own free trial account at

Once you have a account, you can enter your Typekit ID into the Your Typekit ID text box and click Update ID to link your blog with your Typekit account. From there, you need to add your account or any other blog information into your Typekit account and configure settings from that site.

It’s important to point out that at the time of this book’s writing, the free version of Typekit only allows one site (or blog) and two fonts on that site. You also have to display the Typekit badge on your blog when you use it. To access more fonts or use Typekit on more than one site, you have to pay for a personal account, which currently
costs $24.99 per year. It might be more economical to purchase a CSS upgrade for your WordPress account so you get access to modify far more than just fonts in your blog’s design. Take the time to research what’s available and what works best for you before you pursue either option.

Tell me if you find out other website offer the better service on fonts.


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