Which ad popular you will choose?

Inserting Google AdSense Ads into Your Blog.
Most advertising programs for bloggers work in a similar manner. You sign up for an account, copy some code provided to you through your new account, and paste it int your blog where you want ads to appear. Different ad programs are likely to have specific nuances that affect how you create and insert their ad code into your blog, but this example should take some of the confusion out of the process.

Selling Ad Space Directly
It can be difficult for beginner bloggers to attract advertisers without the help of an advertising program or middleman, but it can be done. As traffic to your blog grows,you’ll be able to attract more advertisers and increase your advertising rates. As long as you set realistic expectations for your earnings potential from selling ad space directly to advertisers, you’ll be successful.

It’s a good idea to set your rates low at first in order to attract the most advertisers.For example, if your blog traffic is under 1,000 page views per day, you could set a rate of $10 per 30 days for a 125×125 pixel button ad in your blog’s sidebar (above the fold) or $20 for a 250×300 pixel square ad in your sidebar. Set rates for premium locations(above the fold or in the header) higher than other locations on your blog.

You can sign up for a free publisher account on BuySellAds.com, create a listing for your blog, enter the ad sizes and placements you’re willing to accept on your blog along with pricing for each, and you’re done! Be sure to include a great description and tag your blog listing with keywords related to your topic and audience that advertisers are likely to search for. Also, take the time to see what other blogs similar.

Inserting Amazon Affiliate Links in Blog Posts
Many affiliate advertising programs simply require that you create an account, copy some ad code, and paste it into your blog to begin serving their ads to your audience.
However, some unique opportunities are available to you as well. For example, as an Amazon Associate, you can include your affiliate ID in text links within your blog posts so you can make it easy for people to find and purchase products while they’re reading a post on your blog that refers to a specific product.


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