How to become internet famous in 8 simple steps

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Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - 08/15/08 (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

instant messaging sites

instant messaging sites (Photo credit: Will Lion)

Social Networks Hype Cycle

Social Networks Hype Cycle (Photo credit: fredcavazza)


Step 1: Join EVERY social network and try to make as many friends as possible. The main sites you want to be on are MYSPACE, YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK
or any other singer out there. Make yourself known.
Step 2: Any time someone comments on your page on any literature you write ALWAYS, reply back on their profile or public name page. DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE ANYONE (unless it is strictly confidential) people are nosy, if someone else is replying to that person, they are more than likely to check you out. Broadcast your IM Screen names, URLs, net addresses and links to every site you visit. Also make kind sincere comments on other pages, not just a copy and paste. If you write something personal a user is more likely to check you out.
Not just: “Hi! I posted a video come check out my page on every comment section” after a while people will just ignore you.
Step 3: Build a website that suits your personality and update your page on a regular basis. Otherwise people will just pass your site along if you can’t keep their interest. Check out this site: <—— personal, simple and easy to read. This site is updated on a regular basis.
Step 4: Tell all your friends to help endorse you. Trust me, if your friends are real and true to you they wouldn’t hesitate. After all, convince them that you will be taking them to cool places once you become famous.
Step 5: Buy marketing e-books or Learn about online marketing. Truth is: If you really want to become famous who are you trying to sell. YOURSELF OF COURSE!!!! Think of yourself as a product that everyone can’t live without.
Step 6: Always thank people if they leave a constructive comment and always reply back. Don’t waste your time responding to immature comments or unproductive feedback.
Step 7: Be careful of what you share with others. There are a lot of crazy people out there, it is important to be open if you are marketing yourself online but just be careful of how much you share. NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION! This also includes names of family members, school, favorite colors food, number of brothers and sisters etc. Keep blogs, and posts related to the topic at all times.

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