How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog

Now let us discuss about How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog:You can ask yourself some questions like something below then you will figure out what elevator pitch you should make:

  1. What problem you are going to solve for people?——In my blog,my goal is telling people what is blog,how to blog,it is going to help people solve the problems from blogging,what about yours?
  2. who will be your audience?Tell people Who you are attempting to attract.include this in your pitch.People will easy to understand that my blog is written for blogger.If your blog is for teens, don’t develop a pitch for grandparents—target the reader you want.
  3. Is it short and to the point?——make your elevator pitch crystal clear.Get to the point, eliminate unnecessary,words and make it punchy!
  4. Have I use humor or powerful imagery to grab the attention?
  5. Have you make it interesting and make others would like to visit your blog?your elevator pitch should entice them to learn more.
  6. Have you show your Enthusiasm?——Be Energetic but not Hyped, This is important:  Show people who you love what you’re doing, that you’re passionate, and what you care about.
  7. Have you  aroused people’s curiosity?——If you don’t have any idea,ask people a question about your blog,people are engage with questions. Ask them, you’ll hook people in.

So You don’t have to say it all in your initial pitch, I am sure you are
ready to say more if people are interested.Thanks for taking note on my topic,feel free to discuss more on this topic with me.


What is an Elevator Pitch?

“An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service,
or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be
delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty
seconds or 100–150 words).” —Wikipedia

As a blogger you need to have thought through what your blog is about. If you’re fuzzy on what your blog is about,people will not have a clear idea either.

I have a couple of elevator pitches in my blog here at One is short,I make it so simple, to the point and clear:what is blog,how to blog,so people will understand that my goal is:step by step ,make them successful on blogging.

The other one is longer,The longer version usually I put it to “about me “page.Or I use it into my advertorial.