Tips on how to promote your blog

1.Pitching to Media—one of the things that they’re very busy people who are constantly being pitched ideas for stories. Having a thought-through and effective pitch can help you be noticed and give a journalist a reason to listen to what you have to say.
2.” Pitching to Other Bloggers—similarly, I find that if I’m being
pitched to as a blogger, I take more notice if the person pitching gives
me a brief insight into who they are and what they do.
3.” Email Signature—any people have links to their blogs in their emails,
but a link can be somewhat meaningless on its own. Why not add your
elevator pitch? Similarly, signatures in forums can be a good place to
have a short description of what you do to motivate people to check
you out further.
” Social Media Profiles—the same goes for all those social media
profiles that you have. As well as using them to point people to your
blog, you give them a reason to go there.