3 WordPress plug-ins for managing your ads

Fortunately, a number of WordPress plug-ins can help you manage ads and place ads in a variety of locations on your blog. Here are a few plug-ins you can test to see if they offer the help you need for the ad program you participate in:

  1. Advertising Management: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/advertisementmanagement
  2. Wp-Insert: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-insert
  3. All in One Adsense and YPN: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-oneadsense-and-ypn

Remember, the WordPress Codex is an excellent resource to get answers to questions about editing theme files. Additionally, you can find resources to learn CSS , which will make it even easier for you to insert ads anywhere you want on your WordPress blog.


4 plugin for Rejigging Internal Linking Structure

  1. Tag clouds & tag pages & tag conjunction pages (e.g. “UTW Theme Compatibility Thing” WordPress plugin)
  2. Related Posts (e.g. “Yet Another Related Posts” plugin)
  3.  Top 10 posts (e.g. “Popularity Contest” plugin)
  4. Next & Previous / pagination (e.g. “WP-PageNavi” plugin)
  5. What Are We Waiting For?? Let’s Fix our Blog!

Easiest way to built a blog for newbies

If you want to start a Blogger blog for free there are some very simple steps. Step one is going to http://www.blogger.com. From there it is all pretty simple so I will just walk you through the screens with the aid of the following screen captures.

When you arrive at blogger, you see that there are three steps: 1.) create an account, 2.) name your blog, and 3.) choose a template. It’s that simple and easy. Your blog address will end up in the http://yourchosenblog.blogspot.com format.

If you want to have more intuitive guidance, see blogger.com’s official website in youtube, there are very good videos of teaching material,I found them out yesterday,enjoy them: